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The Advance Exterra™

Advance Redefines Industrial Sweeping. The Advance Exterra™ combines a 50 inch-wide main broom - the widest in this class of sweeper - with full-time dual side brooms for an incredible 77 inch wide total sweep path.

34 and 34HD Industrial Scrubber

Factory Cat's industrial floor sweepers are built to sweep factories: dirt, dust, metal shavings, foundry sand, bolts, paper, wood, whatever there is. Factory Cats are compact, not light-duty.

These machines are all-steel, and use oversized components throughout. At your in-plant inspection, you'll see top quality component, hefty fabrications, oversized motors, and nearly 100% stainless steel fasteners.

Factory Cat's side brooms pick up dirt in the corners. A huge tubular main broom under the machine sweeps up the dirt and debris from the floor and packs it into the steel hopper. Meanwhile, the second stage vacuums up the dust and traps it in a polypropylene felt "baghouse" filter. Factory Cats industrial floor sweepers can pick up whole bags of cement at a time without leaving a trace of dust behind. The filter is cleaned by an on-board mechanism, and in most cases will last the life of the machine.

Factory Cat's "Central Command" energy management system gives our silent, electric rider sweepers the power formerly available from only gasoline or propane-powered machines. The 48 is the most powerful compact battery-powered sweeper and can run a full shift on a charge.