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Factory Cat Magnum

Factory Cat's Industrial strength equipment has earned a reputation for exceptional toughness and cleaning performance. The new MAGNUM combines our historic cleaning ability with improved agility, and operator productivity. Factory Cats thrive in metal fabrication facilities, car dealerships, machine shops, food / beverage packaging and distribution, or in any application where customers demand much of their investments.

The MAGNUM is available with a large battery package and 30-gallon tanks, which reduce costly down time. There are multiple scrub paths available to better match your needs, in both disk and cylindrical styles.

Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Industrial Floor Sweepers are ideal for bulky debris such as wood chips, metal shavings, paper and fibrous materials. Scrubbers are suitable for light debris, dust, oil or grease and floor marks on all types of hard wood floors. In many instances you need to sweep first and then scrub. This requires either two separate industrial cleaning machines or a combination industrial floor sweeper-scrubber.